Today ‚ it’s National Siblings Day‚ in the UK‚ and we have a load of things for you and your brother or sister to do at Carden.

Here’s our top ten activities this year to do in the hotel;


Play‚ A‚ Round Of Golf

Why not step in many a great’s shoes and play 18 holes on the Cheshire or the Nicklaus courses? Laugh at your sibling’s wild bunker shots and miscued putts, as you play the perfect round! Relax afterwards with a‚ well deserved drink at The Clubhouse and scour over our tasty treats at Jack’s Bar.

Enjoy A Spa Day

Everybody loves a spa day.‚ How about treating your three sisters to‚ the ultimate‚ Girl’s Night In package?‚ That’s a glass of Carden Old Gold, a relaxing treatment, use of our‚ leisure facilities‚ and a delicious dinner at The Vines Restaurant. Book it now on 01829 731007‚ and be the sibling that your parent’s are most proud of.

Working Out With Each Other At The Gym

Spot for each other at our fully equipped gym which overlooks the whole of our 20m swimming pool or join‚ one of our‚ exercise classes and see which one of your family is star of the class. Why not head‚ downstairs afterwards for a few lengths in the water‚ or‚ take a seat all‚ together‚ in the hydrotherapy pool? That’s if you’re still not seething over how many kilos your brother lifted minutes before.

Sharing A Jeep

Want to be King or Queen of the road? Compete with your brothers and sisters as to who the best driver is,‚ on a one hour Jeep Experience. Tackle the tricky obstacles on the new course and try not to get stuck up the muddy hills behind our famous vineyard. Trust me. You’ll be talking about this exciting experience at family birthdays and Christmases for years to come.

Race A Segway

Try the new craze everyone is talking about, with a highly competitive two wheeled‚ Segway‚ race at Carden. Who will finish the woodland course fastest and be top of the family tree this year? We are backing you all the way. Don’t let us down now!

Climbing The Kong Ropes

Remember when you used to monkey around as kids and get under Mum and Dad’s noses? Bring those good times back‚ and be the undisputed‚ King of the Swingers on our Kong Ropes.‚ Leap through high obstacles, jump through the tall trees‚ and fly like Peter Pan‚ down the thrilling Zip Wires. It’s great‚ fun reliving your childhood isn’t it?

Have A Pint At Morgan’s Bar

Have a well earned catch up with your siblings by enjoying a casual‚ sit down and a‚ friendly drink‚ in front of the fire. ‚ Reminisce‚ and laugh about‚ stories past and present as you‚ try our refreshing selection of gins. There’s nothing quite like‚ a bit of family time is there? How about playing a board game afterwards‚ in The Library next door? The ideal preparation for National Scrabble Day at the end of the month.

Indulge In A Traditional Afternoon Tea

Celebrate‚ your overdue family‚ reunion with a sophisticated afternoon tea! Fight over‚ your favourite‚ sandwiches, scones and cakes as you sip countless cups of tea or coffee. All for ‚£17.50 per person.‚ Why not try a glass‚ of‚ Carden Old Gold if you’re being really naughty, for an extra couple of pounds Just don’t have too many and‚ start an old fashioned‚ family‚ food‚ squabble like‚ the good old days.

Eat At Redmond’s Restaurant

Book a table at Carden’s shining light and tuck into an award winning three course meal, that will leave you licking your lips in satisfaction. How about sharing a bottle of wine and tales from yesteryear whilst you dine late‚ into the night? Time goes fast when you’re having fun. Why not plan a Sunday Lunch for the following‚ weekend? Just like‚ how Mum used to make it! One question remains: Who will have dibs‚ on the last Yorkshire pudding?

Stay The Night

After a fun filled day, where better to lay your head than in a spacious room at Cheshire’s Country Estate? No need to fight over who gets top bunk here as there’s lots of‚ comfy beds to go around!‚ Easter holidays at Carden are from just ‚£84.00 per‚ night and you and your brothers and sisters can‚ book online‚ from a wide‚ choice of luxury rooms.


It’s not just on National Siblings day that you can spoil your loved ones. For the best‚ deals at Carden, view our offers page here.






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