Bollinger Tasting Evening

Bollinger champagne bottleLast week our team took part in a wonderful Champagne tasting event held at The Spa at Carden, hosted by Mentzendorff.

Our Host, Cathy, introduced the Bollinger and Ayala champagnes that would be featured throughout the evening and asked the team what their knowledge was surrounding the famous beverage, Champagne.

Getting involved – the team worked their way through five different versions, learning everything from how to open a bottle of champagne correctly, the history of champagne and the perfect menu accompaniments.Woman speaking with a glass of champagne

Toward the end of the evening, the team were confident in describing the flavors and textures of the variety of champagnes that we offer, along with what dishes may be best suited to pair with on our menus.

Looking to toast champagne at our new spa? See more info on booking your visit here.



Woman walking to a group of people with a bottle of champagne

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