Getting tired of  your place of work and want a change of scenery or looking for your first proper foray into employment? Are you excited for that unique and special opportunity to show people what you’re made of? You’re in luck. Read on and find out our key hints and tips for a successful interview.


First Impressions

It’s always essential that you make potential employers sit up and take notice, as soon as you enter the room. Dress smart, smile, be chatty and greet them with a firm handshake. As well as this, it’s important that you keep eye contact, listen attentively and write notes where appropriate so bring a pen and paper.

Preparation Is Key

Interviewers expect you to know all you can know about your potential future place of work. Before you meet them, set aside a couple of hours to look through their website or glance through past and present articles that you could mention whilst you pitch yourself. Stand out in the crowd and wow the interviewer. Show them what this job would mean to you. Furthermore, it’s vital that you read and re-read your CV. Circle key words and previous places of work that you could speak about in detail and are relevant to the job that you’re hoping for. Don’t go too far off topic and waffle on! You can’t afford to lose the interviewer’s focus.

Demonstrate Your Skills

If your CV highlights that you are a good communicator that is excellent at problem solving….prove it! When asked a question, don’t spend too long weighing up the answer. Be concise but give a detailed answer. Make the interviewers think about the answer you have given. Talking about yourself, don’t be modest. Go through your personal achievements and skillset in a self appreciating manner. Big yourself up. Don’t put yourself down. Remember that you’re here to impress and get that dream job of yours!

Ask Relevant Questions

‘Do you have any questions for us?’ is a question that’s asked by the interviewers in every interview they conduct, so be prepared! Plan questions to ask in your preparation beforehand or take note of things that are mentioned in the meeting. Don’t sit still and twiddle your thumbs when this all important question arises. You want to know more about the ins and outs of the business so ask! This is your chance to shine! Every interviewer wants to be tested and not sit back, feet up and mind averted. Too often, this is the case. Be that inquisitive person and make them remember you.

Last Impressions

Well done! You’ve done a great pitch. You’ve been chatty and sociable but efficient in your answers. You’re dressed up to the nines and have asked relevant questions. So don’t ruin all your good work with your last impressions. Like your first impressions, it’s important when you leave that you’re polite, shake hands once more and keep your eye contact until the very last moment. Yes, you may be tired but the interview is still technically happening. Don’t leave them with a sour taste in their mouth. after such a positive session!


At Carden Park Hotel, we are always looking for that extra special candidate to wow us. We only employ the very top people for our roles, which is why we pride ourselves on being the best hotel in the UK. Yet the benefits of working for Team Carden are great… Keep up to date on our Careers Page for news of one of our regular careers evenings or most recent job vacancies.



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