At Carden Park- Cheshire’s Country Estate, we welcome all different ability levels to play 18 holes on any of our two award winning golf courses.

Yet, what kind of golfer would you be if you didn’t want to reach the top of your game, and follow in the footsteps of world famous superstars Thomas Bjorn and Jack Nicklaus who have also graced the Carden Park turf?

So here’s our detailed and informative golf hints and tips for beginners….

Know your clubs

Yes, you can have a choice of 14 clubs in your bag, but when you start learning, you really only need a minimum amount. Why not start with a driver with at least 10 degrees of loft, a putter, a sand wedge, a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, all with wider bottoms and a fairway wood with 15 degrees of loft? These clubs are all you need for your first lessons and are easiest in which to get that height and length on your game. The perfect start to your golfing career!

Sign up to lessons

There’s only so much you can do yourself by watching YouTube clips and old videos of past Ryder Cups. At Carden Park, you can learn from the best with one to one lessons from our various PGA Professionals. To book your classes, check out the golf lessons page on our website.

Practice your big shots on the driving range and your short shots on the putting green

Before you play, you will need to practice both your long and short games, in order to impress your rivals and steer ahead of the pack. Roughly half of your strokes should come within 50 yards of the green so come to Carden Park, where you can practice your long drives to perfection on our driving range and satisfy your short game with pristine putts? Remember practice makes perfect so why not spend the day golfing before having relaxing and unwinding with our Ready Steady Relax spa day from £99.00 per person?

Learn about golf etiquette

Whether you’re shouting ‘Fore’ when you hit a shot that could endanger a fellow player, waiting your turn when putting or trying your hardest not to lag too far behind, golf etiquette has always traditionally very important in to how you play your game. Remember to clean up after yourselves too; i.e. replacing divots and raking the sand after you’ve been in the bunker. We have two championship courses at Carden Park and with your generous help, we aim to keep them looking and playing as great as they always have been.

Kit yourself out 

So you’re all ready to go. You just need to look the best you can. By reading our blog on Top 20 Items In The Golf Retail Shop, you will be the envy of all the other players on the golf course. Now the rest is up to you. Just remember to grab a bottle of water and a snack too before you play, as it’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated and refuelled when travelling around the course.

Why not grab a buggy?

Golf bags are heavy and can be difficult to carry, especially in the pouring British rain. So why not purchase a buggy from The Pro Shop to ride up and down the course in? You need to save your energy for the thrilling activities at our onsite Events Station after all, don’t you!

Choose the right course

Carden Park is renowned in Cheshire and throughout the UK for its two championship courses; The Cheshire and The Nicklaus. With our hardworking green-keepers keeping the courses looking lush and green all year long, there’s always a good time to play 18 award winning holes at Cheshire’s Country Estate.

How about coming to see us this week and taking advantage of our Midweek Special Golf from £25.00 per person with a delicious all day breakfast included at The Clubhouse, once you’ve finished?

You’ve deserved it!





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