The Carden golf team are back with some more golf tips to help you improve your game. This time, it’s the turn of PGA professional Mike Platt who is giving his expert golf tips on how you can improve your strike while chipping or pitching.

While chipping and pitching are slightly different shots, the set up is very similar. Many golfers play these shots with their weight on the back foot to try and get the ball airborne, especially when there is a bunker or obstacle in front of the pin. However this can cause an inconsistent strike, resulting in fat or thin shots.

Instead, play a shot with a little more weight on the leading‚ (left) foot. If you’re struggling to accomplish this, Mike recommends resting your right foot on a bag or box to create the feeling of your weight shifting forwards. This will also stop you from shifting your weight backwards when you swing.

As a result, you will start hitting more consistent shots which will reduce your number of strikes for each round.

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