While the weather outside may be a little temperamental, our dedicated golf team are still working around the clock to ensure that you can get the best out of your game.‚ Heading out to the Cheshire course on a very blustery day, we joined Head Pro Steve Priest who was giving his expert tips on how to improve club head and body alignment.

During his golf tuition, a common problem that Steve encounters is golfers trying to aim their bodies while stood next to the ball. This results in many right handed golfers aiming too far right and so they struggle to hit consistently accurate shots.

To demonstrate how to improve this issue, Steve uses an ‘aim stick’ to show how the body should be aligned to the club face, and therefore to the target.

Rather than aiming the body first, the club should always be aimed first. To do this, start behind the ball – creating a straight line between you, the ball and the end target.

Then, pick a point a few yards in front of the ball‚ and use an unobtrusive marker (a leaf or divot usually works well). Align the bottom edge of your club at a right angle to this point.

If you let your entire body follow the club parallel to the target line, including shoulders, hips, knees and feet, this will help you to hit more accurate shots.

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