It’s not just 20 years of Carden Park this year, it’s also the 20th anniversary of our HR Officer Debbie working at the hotel. With all her experience and know-how, who better to go to for explaining how you can pass your interview with flying colours?

Here are her top 20 hints and tips to securing your perfect job:

1. Take That Leap

Whether you’re getting tired of your place of work and want a change of scenery or whether you’re looking for your first proper foray into employment, it’s important that you pluck up your courage to look for your next job. Scour agency websites or apply directly to the employer. It’s your choice whether you call or e-mail. What’s the worst that can happen?

2.Sort Out Your CV

Update your CV. Remember to add all relevant work experience dates and the key  you did there. Furthermore, it’s vital that you read and re-read your CV and learn it off by heart. Circle key words and previous places of work that you could speak about in detail and are relevant to the job that you’re hoping for.

3.Preparation Is Key

Interviewers expect you to know all you can know about your potential future place of work. Before you meet them, set aside a couple of hours to look through their website or glance through past and present articles that you could mention whilst you pitch yourself. Stand out in the crowd and wow the interviewer. Show them what this job would mean to you.

4.Rehearse In Front of The Mirror

It might be an old cliche but it’s one that’s tried, tested and has traditionally brought positive results. Why not grab your notes and take a chair, check your sitting stance and try to eradicate any nervous twitches you may have? If this doesn’t work, then practice your interview in front of some of your friends and family.

5.Get A Good Nights Sleep

Try not to spend the night worrying about what may happen in the morning, as a good night’s sleep is extremely important. Enjoy a fragrant cup of tea and avoid any late night film watching or gaming. There’s plenty of time for that at the weekend. A relaxing 8 hours sleep and you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day!

6.Think About Your Diet

It’s vital that you have a good hearty meal and warming drink on the morning of your interview to settle nerves and avoid any embarrassing stomach rumbles. My personal favourite is a cooked breakfast and fresh fruit juice, which has plenty of antioxidants that keep your concentration and brain ticking over.

7.Dress Appropriately

Dress in what’s suitable for the job you’re having an interview for. Be careful in choosing the right footwear and try to look your best. Polish your shoes, iron your shirt or choose your favourite dress. Make your hair look presentable and have a cool, refreshing shower and shave beforehand.

8.Arrive Early

Nobody likes a late arrival, especially at an important job interview. It will not give your potential employers a good impression. Give yourself ample time to reach your location and maybe think about doing a rehearsal trip beforehand so you know your way.

9.First Impressions

It’s always essential that you make potential employers sit up and take notice, as soon as you enter the room. Smile, be chatty and confident and greet the interviewer/s with a firm handshake. The perfect start to that perfect interview!

10.Make Notes

Always bring a working pen and a pad of paper to every interview. The interviewer likes it when a person is listening attentively and writing notes, however remember to keep that eye contact and don’t spend the interview constantly staring at your pad.

11.Demonstrate Your Skills

If your CV highlights that you are a good communicator that is excellent at problem solving….prove it! When asked a question, don’t spend too long weighing up the answer. Be concise but give a detailed answer. Make the interviewers think about the answer you have given. Talking about yourself, don’t be modest. Go through your personal achievements and skill set in a self appreciating manner. Big yourself up. Don’t put yourself down. Remember that you’re here to impress and get that dream job of yours!

12.Body Language

Good body language is a massive factor in choosing the right person for the job. Try to avoid tapping on the desk, playing with your tie or hair and shuffling your shoes. Listen to whatever the interviewer is saying with full concentration and respond accordingly, without the temptation of distraction.

13. Be Truthful

Interviewers can sense a blagger from a mile off! Stick to the facts stated on your CV and don’t lie about your salary, job titles etc as eventually the truth will out.

14. Stay Calm & Focused

Don’t daydream, go too far off topic, distract yourself or waffle on! You can’t afford to lose the interviewer’s focus or your own.

15. Show Enthusiasm

No matter how the interview is going, remember to stay enthusiastic. Too often the interviewee’s head goes when they know that they’ve not responded well to a question. There’s still time to turn it around and bag yourself that dream job. Relax, take your time, take a sip of water and stay confident!

16. Ask Relevant Questions

‘Do you have any questions for us?’ is a question that’s asked by the interviewers in every interview they conduct, so be prepared! Plan questions to ask in your preparation beforehand or take note of things that are mentioned in the meeting. Don’t sit still and twiddle your thumbs when this all important question arises. You want to know more about the ins and outs of the business so ask! This is your chance to shine! Every interviewer wants to be tested and not sit back, feet up and mind averted. Too often, this is the case. Be that inquisitive person and make them remember you.

17. Last Impressions

Well done! You’ve done a great pitch. You’ve been chatty and sociable but efficient in your answers. You’re dressed up to the nines and have asked relevant questions. So don’t ruin all your good work with your last impressions. Like your first impressions, it’s important when you leave that you’re polite, shake hands once more and keep your eye contact until the very last moment. Yes, you may be tired but the interview is still technically happening. Don’t leave them with a sour taste in their mouth. after such a positive session!

18. Follow Up Afterwards

Always follow up an interview within 24 hours to keep you in the interviewers thoughts. Call or e-mail or think about sending a written thank-you card to help you stand out in the crowd. Inside the email or letter, thank the interviewer for his or her time and re-iterate your interest in the opportunity.

19. What You Should Do In A Worst Case Scenario

If you don’t get the job, it’s not the be-all and end-all. You just weren’t the right candidate at this present time. It’s important that you don’t let your head drop and be disappointed in your performance. You showed the interviewer that you were good enough for an interview in the first place, and that in itself is highly commendable. Don’t worry! That perfect opportunity is just around the corner.

20. Why Not Work At Cheshire’s Country Estate?

At Carden Park Hotel, we are always looking for that extra special candidate to wow us. We only employ the very top people for our roles, which is why we pride ourselves on being the best hotel in the UK. Yet the benefits of working for Team Carden are great… Keep up to date on our Careers Page for news of one of our regular careers evenings or most recent job vacancies.

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