It’s easy to get carried away with the stresses of work, home and everyday life but it’s important to remember that your overall wellbeing can suffer if you don’t take time time to de-stress.

To mark National Stress Awareness day, we’ve put together a list of five of the best things‚ to‚ reduce stress that you can do on a daily basis.

  • Try a new exercise
    Most forms of‚ activity lead to the release of endorphins -‘happy hormones’ – which‚ are proven to reduce stress as well as having overwhelming health‚ benefits. Doing a sport that you love keeps motivation levels high so try a few different activities before you find the one that most suits you and your lifestyle. We love our yoga classes here at Carden Park and, even better, yoga is proven to reduce stress plus is easy to enjoy group classes with friends ‚ – laughter guaranteed!
  • Enjoy a massage
    Massage can help alleviate the physical symptoms of stress by relaxing the muscles that remain tensed, commonly leading to pain in the neck, back or shoulders. Enjoy one of our back massages: starting at just ‚£40.00, they are aimed at relieving the tight muscles of those who suffer with tension related headaches. Or, treat yourself to some extra indulgence and spend more time with us to completely forget your worries on a pampering‚ spa day or relaxing‚ spa break.ways to reduce stress
  • Listen to music
    Studies have found that listening to music can instantly improve your mood. In particular, calming classical music has been found to lower blood pressure but even singing along or‚ dancing to your favourite song can leave you feeling happier and less stressed in minutes.
  • Sleep more
    Increased stress is proven to lead to a disrupted sleep pattern which can, in turn, cause even more stress. While it’s tough to escape‚ this vicious cycle, having a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you to break the habit of losing sleep each night. Want a break from your normal routine for the night? Escape‚ to our Cheshire Country Estate where the cosy beds in our newly refurbished rooms have been thoroughly approved by #teamcarden and guests alike. Book a stay‚ or view our latest Cheshire hotel break offers here.
  • Laugh
    As well as triggering the release of those feel-good endorphins, laughter protects the heart by increasing blood flow, decreases stress hormones and relieves physical tension. So what are you waiting for? Get giggling!

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