On the 27th April, it’s National Tell A Story Day and as a tribute to the occasion, we want to hear your best tales of Carden Park. Is there a Prince Charming that you met during your stay? Was your bed that comfortable that you felt like you slept for 100 years? Did you get a happily ever after wedding under our garden gazebo?


Read on and discover our fairy-tale hotel story.


Once upon a time, there was a sad lonely pheasant called Parker Park. Parker wasn’t happy with where he lived, as he was hunted by horrible hunters every day. Oh how he wished to move away and find new friends but he didn’t kn0w where. Everywhere else just seemed so dark and scary and each time Parker thought about flying away to pastures new, he ended up reluctantly staying where he was.

One day, Parker was eating an acorn that he found on the ground, next to his home when he noticed a sneaky male hunter coming up close towards him. Parker tried to run off but the hunter was very quick…Parker closed his eyes and was soon picked up with two hands…

But what was this? Why was he going so fast? Parker opened his eyes and noticed that he was sitting in a car, next to a kind looking lady. She was smiling from ear to ear and really didn’t seem like a hunter! After a short while, they turn into a long driveway called ‘Carden Park Hotel’ and for some reason, Parker already sensed something different. Somewhere safe and homely.

What Parker saw out of the window on the mile long driveway, he would never forget for the rest of his life. Glorious bright yellow daffodils, lush green grass, beautiful lakes with fountains and pheasants. Yes, other pheasants. And they seemed so calm and relaxed! There was definitely no hunters here! Nothing dark and scary. And then he saw it…A huge beautiful hotel with lots of people outside. All happy and playing in the warm sunshine. This was truly paradise!

The car stopped and the lady carefully helped Parker out. She told him that this could be his new home and that he was safe here, as everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Parker couldn’t believe his luck! He thanked the lady, jumped up high in the air gleefully and flew gracefully around the vast 1000 acres of countryside in circles, waving cheerfully at his new hundreds of friends underneath him.

And they all lived happily ever after…in a Cheshire Country Estate.


Tell us your stories from Carden Park! We can’t wait to hear them.

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