We love to pamper our guests with indulgent treatments in the Carden Spa and our expert therapists have a wealth of knowledge of how to keep your skin in fabulous condition between facials. We caught up with our Head Therapist Sammie who talked us through the most important basics of any skincare routine; cleansing, toning and moisturising. Following these steps twice daily will help to keep your skin clear, fresh and glowing ready for the summer months.

“When cleansing, you don’t need to use a great deal of product – around the size of a 50 pence piece is plenty.‚ The skin on your neck and dƒ©colletƒ© is delicate, so it is important to ensure you pay attention to these areas when undertaking your skincare routine, along with the skin on your face. Massage the cleanser into your face using upward circular motions to keep your skin looking plump and uplifted. Remove the cleanser with a warm, damp flannel.

Toner is a step that many people miss from their skincare routine but it helps to remove any makeup that the cleanser may have missed,

The final step, moisturiser, should also be applied to your face, neck and‚ dƒ©colletƒ©. When our skin starts to mature, from age 21, it gradually loses its natural moisturising properties so using a product suitable for your skin type helps to combat this. Think of your skin like an orange: when it is left out in the sun without being kept hydrated, the surface would wrinkle and appear bumpy. The same principle applies to our skin so moisturising should be a key part of your skincare routine.”

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For more information about treatments available at the Carden Spa, contact the team on 01829 731007. Plus, on your next visit, ask our therapists for their expert advice on which ESPA products would be of the most benefit for your skin.

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