To celebrate our sensational summer spa days at Carden Park, we asked 2 of our talented therapists to choose their favourite and tell us all about their chosen treatment.

Name of therapist?: Emily.

What is your favourite Summer Spa Day?: I like them all but especially the Summer Indulgence Spa Day from £89.00 per person.

What do you love about the treatment?: The Blissful Trio treatment is fantastic. It’s 3 things (back exfoliation, back massage, personalised facial and scalp massage) in one so it’s a bit of everything.

What are the key benefits of the treatment?: It removes dead skin cells, relieves body tension and leaves you feeling fantastic!

What essential oils are included?: What we use is based around the client’s lifestyle and what they’re personally looking for, in order to try and improve their way of life.

How long does the treatment take?: It lasts 85 minutes including professional lifestyle advice on how often you should come back for treatments and how you can continue at home with silky smooth skin.

Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?: The treatments we give are all bespoke and so we can adapt them to any skin type.

What makes the treatment so good?: Because the Summer Indulgence Spa Day includes a bit of everything, it leaves the whole of your body feeling amazing.

How often would you recommend having a treatment?: It depends on the individual. If your skin is in good condition, I would recommend coming back every 2 months whereas if you struggle with your skin, then I would say every 2 or 3 weeks.

More comments?: I also sincerely recommend our new signature treatment: The Ultimate Unwind!

Name of therapist: Natalie.

What is your favourite Summer Spa Day?: I love the Summer Holistic Spa Day from £109.00 per person.

What do you love about the treatment?: All the different elements of the Spa Day are different and tackle all areas of your body.

What are the key benefits of the treatments?:  There’s so many benefits to whichever treatment you decide to have. For example, if you choose the Cleansing Back Facial, our massage goes to places you can’t reach in order to prevent dry back congestion, whereas the Hot Stone Massage goes deeper into your muscles, relaxing them more than your standard massage. The Bamboo Full Body Massage is similar in that it gets rid of deep tension, but stretches your muscles out like a sports massage.

What essential oils are included?: With a Holistic Spa Day, we choose which aromatherapy oils are suitable for your needs. We can use detox or soother oil and depending on your medical history, we can use rapeseed or our specific Jennifer Young treatments to give you that perfect after feeling.

How long does the treatment take?: The Summer Holistic Spa Day lasts for 110 minutes, which includes professional consultation and aftercare as well as your two chosen treatments. We also ask you to fill out a medical checklist before you come in, so that we can provide you with the treatment you deserve.

Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?: Yes definitely. Our body treatments cater for all types of skin and our products always adapt to your needs. For example, our Jennifer Young Glowing Facial is ideal for those that have hypersensitive faces.

What makes the treatment so good?: It’s a Spa Day that is tailored to everyone and the perfect relaxation after a bad day in the office. I love a manicure and pedicure and we can provide that with our Carden Deluxe treatment which gets rid of all your dead skin. It’s especially great for when you wear sandals and end up looking like a million dollars.

How often would you recommend having a treatment?: I would say once a month, in order to alleviate mental and physical stress and to continue with your skin renewal process.

More comments?: Keep up your fluids intake after your treatment!

Emily also sat down to talk with us in more detail about the new Carden Park signature treatment: The Ultimate Unwind

‘The Ultimate Unwind is a soft, slow and more relaxing massage that exerts only a little pressure on the body. It is specialised, stimulating and highly repetitive which confuses the mind and puts it at rest, while you enjoy your massage’.

‘It’s a completely new treatment which Carden has never done before, but we are very excited to try it and we know that our clients will absolutely love it!’.


Why not spend the night after your relaxing spa day with a leisure break at Carden Park from £84.00 per room per night? The perfect summer treat for you this year!





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