Carden vineyard harvestIt’s that time of year again! #teamcarden have been busy harvesting the grapes from our three acre vineyard in Cheshire ready to produce our distinctive Carden Old Gold sparkling wine.

Since its revival in 2006, Carden’s vineyard has produced Seyval Blanc grapes and Pinot Noir grapes were introduced in 2012. Combined, we have had a bumper harvest of close to 7 tonnes this year! This will create almost 7000 bottles of wine, the highest yield in 2 years.

As one of Europe’s most northerly commercial vineyards, it’s‚ taken the commitment and dedication of the estates team to bring the vineyard back to its former glory as year-round care is required. The Pinot Noir grapes were harvested a few weeks earlier than the Seyval Blanc this year, as the sugar levels reached a peak equating to a 12% alcohol level.

This year, it took two days to harvest the grapes which are then transported to Halfpenny Green Vineyard in Staffordshire. The winemaking process‚ – from picking the grapes to bottling the ready-to-drink wine – takes around eighteen months in total.

If you’d like to learn more about the process, our short video shows the stages that this years grapes will go through before it is available to buy at Carden Park Hotel…

Bottles of Carden Old Gold can be purchased for £25 in the hotel’s restaurants and bars‚ or bought from reception as a memento or gift.

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