The new golf season is nearly here and, with the weather brightening up, our golf team‚ are keen to help you to get the most out of your game.

This month, we climbed to the first hole of the Nicklaus course – enjoying the stunning views of the Cheshire countryside along the way – to meet Head Professional Steve Priest. He talked us through the importance of ball positioning for hitting better, more consistent shots and help you to achieve the correct trajectory for each club.

Position the ball…

  1. Centrally between your two feet for shorter irons (SW, PW, 9, 8 and 7 irons)
  2. Just in front of centre for medium irons (6, 5)
  3. Another ball width in front of that for longer irons (4, 3, 2 iron and hybrids)
  4. Just behind your leading foot for a driver and fairway woods (3, 5, 7 wood)

Watch our short video to see these positions in action position the ball for optimum game performance…

To enquire about golf tuition at Carden Park, contact the ProShop for more information on 01829 731630 or book a tee time for Cheshire golf games here.

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