January has arrived and with it comes #NewYearNewMe.

There are plenty of effective ways to reach your ultimate #NewYearNewMe goal. Your goal doesn‚„t have to be to lose 10 pounds, it could be to walk 5 miles a day which may‚ then lead to weight loss, but without the strict diet plan‚ that might not be achievable in the long term. We all lead busy lives, becoming the people we want to be is difficult, especially when we have such high standards of ourselves.

Three realistic goals for 2017.

  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier every day.
  • Walk 2 miles a day (4,000 steps)
  • Relax and enjoy me time at least once a month.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier every day – why?

Breakfast. We‚„ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it‚„s also one of the most skipped meals. Research suggests eating a healthy breakfast in the morning gives you a more nutritionally complete diet as it is higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It also leads to improved concentration and performance in the office and more physical energy and strength to engage in physical activity. Also, it can lead to lower cholesterol levels improving overall health.

Walk 2 miles a day (4000 steps)

2 miles isn‚„t as far as you might think. Especially if you work on a country estate where there is 1000 acres of rolling countryside. If you‚„re looking for a new challenge why not come and work here at Carden Park! ‚ We have fantastic career opportunities.

Walking 2 miles will actually only take you roughly 40 minutes.

Relax and enjoy ‘me time’ at least once a month

Relaxation is an essential element of everyone‚„s life. Giving yourself time to do simple things such as reading the newspaper, watering the flowers and making time for loved ones. Keep a journal about what you want to achieve that week.‚  Writing worries and concerns down helps to reduce stress in everyday life, making you‚ to realise these issues aren‚„t as big as you initially thought. Another way to relax is to enjoy a spa day. There is more to visiting the spa than just relaxation, including muscular relief, better, deeper sleep, healthier joints and so many other health benefits. Go on and book one of our Spa Days here.


So we wish you a Happy New Year from all of us here at Carden Park Hotel. For more information on our Gym memberships click here.

Don’t forget to hashtag#CardenParkNewYearNewMe

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