It’s Pancake Day! Happy flipping to you all! But one nagging question remains amidst all the excitement…how do we actually make that perfect pancake? The one that stands above all the others that you have made; the one‚ that tickles your tonsils as well as your taste buds.


Get your ingredients together; your butter, plain flour, eggs and milk. Your faithful friends on this special day!‚ To start with,‚ you need to‚ mix 200ml of the milk with 75ml of water in a plastic‚ jug, stir it‚ and then‚ put it on the side. Don’t worry, you will use this‚ later!‚ Then, using a sieve, sift 4oz of the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add a pinch of salt too for that extra enhancement of flavour!

Once this has been done, break 2 eggs into the bowl and whisk them in meticulously‚ with the flour. Keep whisking‚ as you add small quantities of your‚ milk/water mixture. Don’t add the whole shebang as the consistency will be off and your prize pancake will‚ end up being more‚ of a flop than a flip! If your mixture is now smooth and thin cream-like, you’re doing well. First hurdle complete!


Get your pan out of the cupboard and turn your hob on to a medium-high heat. Wait a short while for it to get hot, before melting 2oz of butter in the pan‚ and then slowly‚ pouring in your creamy mixture. Tilt the pan from side to side to create an even coat.

Set your cooking‚ time for 30 seconds and then check the base of your pancake carefully‚ with a palette knife. If it is beautifully golden, you’re on the right track! Then comes the fun part, are you ready? Hold your nerve, breathe‚ in and out deeply‚ and get flipping!‚ Caught it? Well that’s the next step complete! Just cook the pancake on this other side for a few moments more‚ and then slide it gracefully onto your hungry, expectant‚ plate.

You’re almost there!

Just one more important task to do. Your tantalising toppings. Whether you like lemon and sugar or exotic‚ nutella and jam, this next bit is totally up to you. Add appropriate but highly generous amounts, roll up your perfect pancake‚ and get ready to eat.‚ Satisfied? Why not make another? You know what to do now!

Other important dates for the diary: Mother’s Day on‚ Sunday 26th of March! ‚ Have you heard what special events we are doing to celebrate it‚ at Carden Park? Find out more here.







Flip not a flop.

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