We take great pride in our two championship‚ golf courses here at Carden Park and have a variety of lesson packages to help you fully enjoy all we have to offer.

To help kick-start your‚ game, our Head Golf Professional, Steve Priest and teaching Professional Mike Platt will be providing top tips on how you can improve your game. So, for the very first tip we jumped on a golf buggy and made our way to The Cheshire golf course to meet with Steve to get some tips on how to improve our game.

Firstly, Steve showed us how to correctly grip or hold the driver golf club.‚ Placing the hands correctly will help control the club face during the swing.

  • The left hand (glove hand for a right handed golfer) is positioned in the fingers with the thumb to the right of centre on the handle. There should be 2 knuckles in view on this hand.
  • When placing the right hand on to the club, position the club into the fingers. You may interlock the hands if this feels natural
  • When closing the right hand, cover the thumb and there should be 1 knuckle in view.

When the hands are placed correctly on the handle, this will help how the wrists set during the swing. This aids in maintaining a more consistent club face position at impact with the ball.

Overall, you should hit more consistently accurate shots from using this method.

To enquire about golf tuition at Carden Park, contact the ProShop for more information on 01829 731630, or book a tee time for Cheshire golf games here.

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