As Chraft 1eshire’s Country Estate the grounds here at Carden are populated with a wide variety of wildlife.‚ Of particular interest at this time of year are the resident swans who always‚ return to nest on one of the lakes.‚ 

Fortunately this year they have been given a helping hand by the Eco Team from St.Peter’s Primary School in Rossett, Wrexham.

Our Estates Team recently welcomed 14 pupils from the primary school which is one of only three primary schools in Wrexham to have been awarded

the prestigious Platinum Eco School award.

‚ Draft 2uring‚ their visit the children aged between 7 and 11 years old discovered how important it is to care for the various wildlife at the hotel and were ‚ invite
d to help the team create a raft and a nest for the resident swans.‚ 

Mrs Bayliss who is the Year 5 teacher at the school explained ‚Å“We are very proud of being awarded the Platinum Eco School award which is all due to the ‚ great‚ environmental work the pupils complete. As part of our commitment we want the children to understand the impact of eco-work within the‚ community‚ and the ‚ Carden Park visit has been a great way to do this. We tasked the entire school to research and design a raft for the swans nest and‚ the pupils with the‚ most innovative ideas were chosen to come to the hotel today and see how a raft 3real-life raft is created. The children have loved the visit and we hope the nest is a success.‚

The visit started with assembling a raft that would act as a floatation device for the handmade nest. With guidance the children gathered reeds from‚ the ‚ hotel‚ grounds before‚ enjoying‚ lunch in the Clubhouse.‚ Over the past two weeks the hotel Estates team have created a purpose built island on the ‚ Nicklaus golf course offering a safe location for the nest. Using the reeds collected the children‚ built the nest before it was settled into‚ the lake.

‚ Peter Pattenden, who is our Estates and Golf course manager is hoping the nest will be popular with the swans raft 5‚Å“Each year our resident swans return to ‚ the hotel to nest. Unfortunately we have found that they do not always choose the safest of locations and so we wanted to help as much as possible. It ‚ has been a great experience having the Eco team from St.Peter‚„s assist us on the project. As a Green Business Tourism hotel we take active steps to support environmental initiatives and we enjoyed helping the children to learn‚ about the benefits of our wildlife. Hopefully this is the start of a great partnership‚

Since the nest was built the swans have returned to Carden so‚ we will all be keeping a close watch for any eggs!

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