Today is “National Clean Out Your Computer Day”, so don‚„t feel you are wasting time by scanning through all those documents and images on your computer desktop taking up space.‚  Give your desktop a good tidy!

Let us inspire you with our top tips!

Organise your files.
Today is a great excuse to‚ organise your files, open new folders – order your folders into easily searchable groups and get rid of folders you don‚„t need.‚  How many versions of documents have you saved and not used?‚  Today is the day to be ruthless and assign them to the Recycle bin and then – when you are sure – Delete them.

Don’t be shy to press, DELETE
Save space‚ on your computer.‚  Effective use of resources is the best way to progress when we all have so little time.‚  Guess what?‚  One of the best ways to get speeding along in your life is to make sure your technology is running faster too.‚  So don‚„t procrastinate – delight in digging out the detail and cleaning up your computer, laptop, tablet and phone.‚  Where can I store my folders and images safely, I hear you say?‚  Ideal back up can be easily maintained on USB sticks, external hard drives or online storage.

Organise all your devises.
Talking of phones‚¦ images can sometimes be forgotten until your phone takes a nose dive‚¦ all those lovely pictures you took of your loved ones, or for a special business feature article could be gone forever, unless you take the trouble to sort in out.

Don‚„t delay, relax and make the best use of “Clean Out Our Computer Day”.

Making sure you are organised is key to a productive day. If you’re looking for your next inspiring meeting venue call our team on 01829 731614 or learn more about our venue here

Happy days‚¦…

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