On the Cheshire and the Nicklaus courses at Carden Park, there are several‚ natural hazards requiring strategic moves to avoid them successfully. The flow of the landscape means that‚ tackling sloping lies must be considered.

We met Head Professional Steve Priest on the 14th hole of the Cheshire course on a sunny (and windy!) morning to find out more…

Ball below the feet -‚ place your hands higher up the handle and bend your knees slightly at set up to aid balance.

Ball above the feet -‚ place your hands lower on the handle and aim slightly to the right

Downslope -‚ keep your weight on the left side at set up and, if the slope is severe, ball further back in your stance

Upslope -‚ use a less lofted club as the ball will go higher than normal but not as far. Then, set your spine to the right and hips to the left.

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