As the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine (we hope!), your skin will need some extra care and consideration.

Our Head Therapist and ESPA Expert, Sammie has some top tips to ensure your skin is looking its best this Summer ready for your holidays…

Stay hydrated
We sometimes forget that the most essential aspect to clear fresh Summer skin is to keep it hydrated. Make sure you drink of water throughout the day, a top tip is to keep a water bottle on your desk that you can fill during the day. If you are not a fan of plain water add a slice of lemon, this not only gives a bit of flavour it is also a great source of vitamin C.

Prepare for smooth Summer skin by exfoliating the full body. Use products such as the ESPA Exfoliation Body Polish or treat yourself to our Salt and Oil Scrub treatment.

We have just taken delivery of the latest ESPA moisturiser which is fantastic for the summer months as it the ESPA Pro-defence moisturiser contains an spf 15 making it the ideal moisturiser for the summer. To reduce cracked heels or dry skin on your feet simply moisturise before bed and wear cotton socks, this will help the moisturiser work overnight.

Be sandal ready with tip top toes
You never know when the sun will appear so keep your toes sandal ready using Jessica Nail polish or book a Geleration treatment which lasts up to 3 weeks

Fake it!
If you want a Summer glow and can’t rely on the British weather use a moisturiser such as the ESPA Gradual tan moisturising lotion. We are also proud to offer Montanna spray tan, ideal for a quick summer pick-me-up, it is touch-dry within 60 second and fully develops in ‚ 4 hours.

Guarantee smooth skin
Skin brushing is a great way to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is always best to skin brush your skin before a shower on dry skin, this reduces appearance of cellulite and dimply skin

Forget about make-up
Instead of applying make up on hot days which clogs the skin in heat and can cause congestion on the skin use a daily tinted moisturiser. This will give great coverage and nourish skin at the same time.

Grab a hat
Always wear a hat in hot weather it keeps the scalp protected but also protects the facial skin. Direct sunlight can cause premature ageing of the skin

No carbs before Marbs!
If you are after the perfect Summer body make sure you are reducing your salt intake as this can cause water retention and make the body feel bloated

If you want to feel refreshed this summer try one of our Summer Spa Days from just ‚£59.00 per person. Find out more here.

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