When you imagine your dream wedding day, do you picture a beautiful summer celebration? Traditionally, summer weddings have always been extremely popular and the possibilities for different themes are endless.

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Whether you want to go for a rustic feel or a modern theme, the options are seemingly unlimited for summer weddings.‚ Holding your wedding outdoors, particularly in a space like the Carden Gazebo, allows you to let nature do the talking and keep your ceremony decorations simple while indoor ceremonies allow you to be incredibly creative with the use of light and colours.

Having a sweet trolley at your reception has been very popular in the last few years so why not switch it up for the summer with an ice cream cart to cool off? Similarly, serving‚ Pimms as your reception drink creates that summer garden party feel!


Florals work beautifully in every season but the variety we see in the summer months is astonishing. From delicate pastel shades‚ to large, vibrant blooms, you can be incredibly creative with your theme. You could even incorporate flower garlands or weave them into your hairstyle.

Just a couple of ideas include gypsophila for versatility, peonies for their fluffy, luxurious appearance and sweet peas for their heavenly scent and delicate‚ shades.


I particularly love how creative you can get with favours. Whether you choose personalised gifts or quirky, fun items, Elaine_Steve-137they’re sure to be appreciated. Embrace the season with seasonal fruit or mini jam jars as an alternative to‚ chocolates or a mini bottle of drink to refresh your guests after a trip to the dancefloor!

If you’re holding an outdoor wedding, sparklers are a lovely touch that create‚ brilliant photo opportunities or how about‚ providing‚ blankets to keep your guests cosy as the sun goes down?


Great photography provides lasting memories of your special day and the Carden Estate flourishes in the summer months, allowing you to get some spectacular pictures. Spend some quality time with each other after your ceremony on a beautiful walk around the grounds and take advantage of the changing light for stunning shots throughout the day.

If you’re looking for some more summer wedding inspiration, check out our Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board‚ or contact me on 01829 731537 to discuss your Carden Park wedding further.

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