Our Head PGA Golf Professional, Steve Priest this month explores the different options to tackle difficult shots in the rough on the 18th‚ hole of the Nicklaus course at Carden Park Hotel ‚€œ Cheshire‚„s Country Estate.

With the mild temperatures and high possibility of‚ rain as we head into the Autumn season, the rough can grow exceptionally fast. It is essential to recognise the different types of lie your golf ball may land in during your round of golf.

Hitting out of the thick grass, or rough, can be exceptionally difficult. The video below gives you three top golfing tips on how to tackle different situations.

It requires adjusting your swing and golf club to manipulate the power effectively to get the ball out of danger on the golf course.

There are three main challenging golf lies.

  • One buried completely in the rough
  • One lying with grass behind and to the left of the ball
  • One lying much cleaner with minimal grass on or around the ball


  • For the ball deep within the grass the recommendation is the 9 Iron
  • For the medium rough, Steve recommends the 6 iron to enable a clean strike
  • For the third lie the hybrid is the golf club suggested to maximise the clean strike

If you‚„re looking to learn more and want to start golf lessons on our stunning golf courses email steven.priest@cardenpark.co.uk or phone our Pro Shop 01829 731630

Dealing with three variations of fairway rough – Carden Golf Tips from Carden Park Hotel on Vimeo.

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