Team Building Day For Employees

What is team building and why should you consider organising a team building day for your workplace? 

Team building is an exercise that encourages a group of people to work together, usually through a variety of engaging activities. It helps develop bonds and opens up communication channels between your employees. As a result creating workplace synthesis and greater productivity levels that last far beyond the initial team building event. Team-building activity days can often be viewed as a reward by your personnel; a happy workforce is more likely to contribute positively to your company’s output. They have also been proven to increase employee retention.

Additionally, with the shift to hybrid and remote working, a lot of teams may rarely have the chance to get to know each other in-person. A team building event is the perfect occasion to ensure everyone gets to physically meet their fellow colleagues. During the day you can reiterate the company’s ambition to ensure people share the same vision of the journey to success.

How to organise a corporate team building event? 

If you are unfamiliar, team-building can be a daunting task to add to your never ending to-do-list. If you don’t fully invest in making the day a success, it could actually harm the perception your team has towards their role; the exact opposite effect you would be looking to achieve. Done right, team building can leave a long-lasting beneficial impact. 

It is incredibly important that all senior managers buy-in to the team building day. Often there can be sceptics amongst the group that deem the day as a ‘waste of time’ which can be one of the main reasons team-building can fail. Once the day is arranged everyone must be onboard to reap the true benefits of the exercise.  

You will need to consider the following aspects of your company event:

  • How many guests will be attending and who
  • Who is going to take the lead with organising the day
  • The location of the team building day
  • The tone of the event 
  • What budget will you provide for the day
  • Will attendance be mandatory or optional
  • Choosing a date that will cause the least disruption and maximise attendance

Team Building Day For Employees

Where to host a team building event?

The most effective team building events are often done at a remote venue. It provides the chance to switch off from everyday responsibilities, avoiding distractions. With a core focus on getting to know each other better and enhancing particular skills through workshops.

You will need to assess the prerequisites you have for the venue you chose. For example; 

Will you have attendees that will require overnight accommodation? If so, does the venue have the scope of rooms you require or is there somewhere nearby where your guests can stay?

If you are making an entire day of the event or organising a full team-building retreat then will the venue be able to facilitate your specific catering needs? 

Depending on the size of your conference (large or small groups), does the team-building venue have the space to comfortably accommodate your group?

Does the venue offer added extras such as conference space and/or breakout rooms for the most productive use of your team’s time? 

You will also need to consider physical proximity to the team. Is the venue in a convenient location for the bulk of your guests and how accessible is it? Whether this is through parking facilities or public transport. 

Can I hire someone to plan team building exercises?

Absolutely! Many venues can offer a professional facilitator to host your team-building day (like Carden Park does!). This is a perfect solution to save you both time and any worry when it comes to making the day a true success.  

An external planner will be experienced in energising your team and motivate the most reluctant team members to not only participate but actively enjoy their day by willingly taking them outside of their comfort zone. You can talk the organiser through the goals of your business’ day and they will be able to create you a bespoke team building activity programme to enhance your time out of the office. 

Team Building Day For Employees

Looking for a team building event in Cheshire? 

Why not host a team-building event to be remembered at Carden Park Hotel? Boasting access to experienced events planners and unsurpassed on-site facilities. We will ensure your experience exceeds your expectations and your workforce leaves with beaming smiles on their faces. 

Carden Park’s team building facilities include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • 197 bedrooms; including doubles in our twin rooms
  • 5 dining options; private dining & themed options
  • Outdoor pursuits; dual zipline, inflatables plus more
  • 18 meeting spaces; for 2 to 400 guests
  • Sports facilities; UEFA approved football pitch
  • Leadership training courses
  • 1,000 acre grounds with breathtaking views
  • 2 Championship golf courses
  • 5 Star Spa available for exclusive use 
  • Extensive leisure facilities; gym and pool 
Call our corporate team on 01829 707555 for a bespoke team-building package for your business or submit an enquiry below.


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