Beeston Castle

Castle of the Rock

Beeston Castle

Take in the views over eight counties on a clear day at Beeston Castle. There are wildlife trails for the children to follow and beautiful scenery that the adults will enjoy.

Described as one of the most dramatic ruins in the English landscape, Beeston Castle sits on a rocky cliff high above Cheshire. You’ll travel back in time to the Bronze Age where evidence of early human activity was found on the site in form of burial mounts and worked flint tools dating back as far as 3500 BC. You’ll discover how the hillfort was abandoned at the end of the Iron Age, watch as the castle is built and do battle in the Civil War.

Legend has it that Richard II’s lost treasure is hidden down the well at Beeston – one of the deepest castle wells in England – but in spite of attempts to locate it, none have been successful so far. From dramatic castle ruins to beautiful landscapes, spot some of the wildlife inhabiting the local area just twenty minutes from Carden Park.

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