Blue Planet Aquarium

Underwater Wildlife

Blue Planet Aquarium

You can find a whole world of underwater discovery just thirty minutes from Carden Park‚ at the Blue Planet Aquarium. The moving underwater walkway will carry you through the heart of the aquarium. Come face to face with tropical fish and one of Europe’s largest collections of sharks as you move through the 70 metre tunnel. Want to learn more about the sharks? There are at least three shows daily in the Aquatheatre where‚ a presenter and divers will tell you more about the sharks, rays and fish that you can see swimming by through the huge windows.

With areas from the Flooded Forest to Amazing Amphibians, you’ll be able to see over 100 living displays as well as enjoying‚ an outdoor Pirate Playground‚ and Otter enclosure. There is a daily otter feed that you can watch alongside other featured animal feeds and talks – including Piranha’s, Electric Eels and Frogs. Visit darkened caves, Mangrove Swamp and Lake Malawi – all recreated carefully to replicate the real habitats of its inhabitants – before stopping off for a browse in the gift shop.

So, for a day out with a difference, explore the Blue Planet Aquarium as part of your stay here at Carden Park.


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Blue Planet Aquarium

Try out shark diving at Blue Planet Aquarium. Swim with 10ft Nurse Sharks, Blacktip Sharks and Bamboo Sharks. The experience of qualified professionals will guide you through the dive. Blue Planet aquarium also offer Junior Shark Encounters so that all ages can enjoy this featured activity.


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