Cholmondeley Castle

On arrival at Cholmondeley Castle, you’ll be greeted by a stunning gothic castle rising above the landscape, behind which is a stunning lake. Surrounded by sweeping gardens, the different areas are planted to provideβ€šΒ a stunning mix of colour all year around.

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Many love to visit The Temple Garden with its lake and two islands – it’s a beautiful sight framed by blossom trees in the spring. During the summer months, The Rose Garden gives off a beautiful scent and you can also explore The Walnut Grove, The Arboretum and Tower Hill – the latter giving a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. This area towards the back of the Tea Rooms is also the only area of the gardens where you can let dogs off their leads to run through the trees and undergrowth.

As well as relaxing walks through the stunning estate, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon with the family. In 2014, The Denβ€šΒ was opened as a place for children to play and explore. New features are being added all the time, the latest being the ‘Bug Hotel’. A stack of old palettes make up the basic structure and, once filled with old plants, stones, straw, bamboo and soil, became home to numerous species of insects including ladybirds and woodlice. There’s also a more traditional play area close to the picnic spot with fantastic views of the Mere and Castle, and a further play area situated just below the castle.

With so many areas to explore, a sunny morning at Cholmondeley Castle certainly isn’t a wasted one! And as it’s just fifteen minutes from Carden Park, you can easily combine it with one of our on-site activities for a fun-filled day.

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