The Harvesting of the Grapes at Carden Park

We have been exceptionally busy here at Carden Park this month harvesting our‚ grapes, picking nearly 3 tonnes of white and red grapes.

Our four and a half acre vineyard produces our award – winning sparkling white and rose wines known as Carden Old Gold and Carden Old Gold Brut Rose, sold exclusively here at the hotel.

This year, as part of our ongoing ‘grow your own’ programme, we have for the first time in Carden Park’s history ‚  produced our very own Grape Juice. If you would like to try our grape juice it will be sold within our award-winning restaurants and bar areas!

Enjoy our gallery of images, showcasing our stunning vineyard here at Carden Park. ‚ If you would like to visit Cheshire’s largest commercial vineyard,‚ why not stay with us and enjoy a stroll around the grounds of Cheshire’s Country Estate.

The vineyard The vineyard The vineyard The vineyard The vineyard  The vineyardA man holding grapesGrapes in buckets The vineyard

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