The Spa’s Moss Wall Feature

Our installed preserved moss wall stands with grandeur, framing The Spa at Carden’s reception desk. This feature has become the subject of many social media images with guests sharing the 5-star spa experience with their followers. It has become the heart of the spa and it’s easy to understand why. The masterpiece successfully captures the interest of spa enthusiasts and design aficionados alike, as it neatly blends into the natural Carden Park landscape. 

What is the moss wall made of?

This particular moss wall is crafted with a mix of two types of moss; bun moss and flat moss. Due to the non-direct light levels in the spa, the plants had to be carefully selected for longevity. Both types of moss are harvested sustainably from purpose-built forest reserves and are preserved using a completely natural and biodegradable process. A method that will keep the beauty of the moss indistinguishable from its living equivalent. The wall is soft to the touch, combining a tapestry of verdant hues and textures that enchant the eye. 

Spanning an impressive expanse, the moss artistry stands at a thirty-six-metre squared. There is very little maintenance needed on the wall, but we do have small pieces replaced if they become faded. 

The Spa’s Moss Wall Feature

Why does the spa have a moss wall?

The moss wall epitomises the fusion of nature and design, two elements that have been important to the development of the entire spa since its opening in 2020. Its intricate design is a testament to the skill and creativity of the creators (Urban Planters) who meticulously arranged each element. 

Biophilic Connection – “The instinctive bond humans possess to associate with other forms of life in nature” 

Beyond its visual allure, the wall plays an integral part in our commitment to holistic well-being. It actively contributes to the wellness objectives of a spa experience; the moss acts as a regulator for humidity and softens noise levels. Numerous studies have shown that being in the presence of plants can prompt a sense of tranquillity and reduce stress levels. This is particularly poignant as many of our guests live within urbanised areas, therefore the feature can play a part in restoring a connection to nature during their spa retreat

As our guests immerse themselves in a spa oasis of relaxation, they are enveloped in the restorative embrace of the environment through conscious design choices. As a result, leaving the spa facilities rejuvenated and inspired by the ethereal beauty that surrounds them. This reveals the boundless possibilities that arise when human creativity harmonizes with the natural world.

The Spa’s Moss Wall Feature



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