Annual World Wellness Weekend at The Spa at Carden

Our therapist Claire started off the sixth world wellness weekend this morning. Carden Park places great emphasis on our customer’s well-being, but we also understand the importance of our team’s mindset too. We want to ensure that any negative energy is left at the door of the treatment rooms, and only calming energy enters the space. We hosted a mini-meditation before the spa opening to achieve this. 

The Wellness Weekend Activity

The practitioner made use of a Tibetan singing bowl during the exercise, originally used by monks for sacred Buddhist rituals; synonymous with their peaceful nature. The bowls are well known for their powerful healing properties. The vibration and unique tones from the bowl has a relaxing effect on both the mind and body and are believed to enhance the meditation process. 

The wellness meditation session started off by outlining the goals for the day, in this case familiarising the therapists with the new Christmas spa sets to be able to advise clients on the options available to them. 

The therapists were then advised to close their eyes and inhale and exhale slowly. During the deep breaths, Claire used the Tibetan singing bowl to fill the room with the mesmerizing sound. It was advised if individuals wanted to feel more grounded they were able to remove their shoes for the duration of the meditation. 

After a few moments, the team were encouraged to consume their minds with positive affirmations for the day. These could be stated out loud or within their heads, depending on personal preference. Following this, the meditation practitioner directed the positive affirmations to the room; confirming that every one of them was capable of providing the best experience for customers, to remain confident that a positive day lies ahead, and to only focus on what naturally feels like their favourite products for a heightened sense of purpose.


Annual World Wellness Weekend at The Spa at Carden


Claire explained that doing this before the start of the day helps the therapists get on the same level, a good level. Often in the morning, you can’t help but rush around to get to work on time, or occasionally there are personal elements at play that can naturally be brought into work. Taking this time out transports the team into a healthier, more positive state of mind which can then be transferred through their treatments. It is also just generally a pleasant way to begin the day. 

Claire will continue to promote the importance of starting your morning with the above considerations, and the team will be provided with the space and time to complete a mini-meditation (if they wish to participate) every day to adopt a long-term approach to a healthier mindset. 


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