A Day In The Life Of A Greenkeeper At Carden Park- GUEST BLOG

A greenkeeper’s life is never dull. Just ask Peter Pattenden, our Estates Manager at Carden Park. With 1,000 acres of Cheshire countryside to mow and cut to perfection, including two championship golf courses, it’s an extremely important job that needs to be done meticulously everyday.

A man mowing the lawn

“We get in to work around 5:15 in the morning and the first thing we do is to put the kettle on for an early wake up brew, before I address the team on the daily programme, taking into account how many golfers are out on each course”.

Although it’s an early start each day, Peter doesn’t hold back on his feelings for the job. “I love it! No two days are the same. We keep ourselves healthy with all the fresh air and the exercise. There isn’t a job I’d rather do. And then you hear the heartwarming comments from the guests. It certainly makes all of the effort worthwhile”.

Two men raking the bunker

It’s essential that Peter and his team get off to a quick start in the morning with all of the keen golfers following them on their tail. Fortunately preparation is a Carden greenkeeper’s middle name. “We always set our mowers up the night before, as well as refuelling all of the other machines, so that they are ready to go once the sunrise is up”.

A man mowing the lawn

Efficiency is also key with Peter. “Our morning daily tasks include raking bunkers, moving markers, cutting greens, tees, fairways, approaches and the rough. Plus don’t forget that we also have to spray and fertilise chemicals and top dress the greens and aeration works. We also mow the football pitch and the main drive every week. Before all that though, we go on a daily walk through all of the car parks and around the hotel to pick up any litter and empty all of the bins. See I told you it wasn’t dull”.

There’s no stopping the workload in the afternoons either. Something that Peter relishes. “We keep ourselves busy. That’s just how we like it. Our afternoon tasks include strimming , fly mowing, weeding and divoting tees on the golf courses and then we focus on the vineyard. We visit the grape vines twice a week to cut the top growth and tuck in the stems. We also mow the grass areas between the vines monthly too”.

A man collecting grapes in the Vineyard

See the fantastic work from our greenkeeping team for yourself when you come and stay at Carden Park.

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