Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park

On 2nd October 2017, in-house florists, wedding and venue dressers Blooming Beautiful opened its doors at Carden Park. However this is not the start of the journey for founder Kate Cargius and her business.


Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park


“Established in 2013, we opened our first shop in Gresford Village. My career has actually always been in Event Management and Hospitality. After taking a short break in my career to start a family, the opportunity arose to start my own business to run alongside my husband’s events company. James is my life adrenaline, my desire to succeed and to go beyond expectations to deliver memories my clients won’t ever forget”.


Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park


Kate is noticeably efficient with her work and she offers the perfect wedding package for future brides and grooms.

“I have always been a creative person and my love for flowers paired perfectly. At Blooming Beautiful, we offer bespoke floral arrangements for all occasions, from hand-tied bouquets, sympathy arrangements and custom centrepieces for wedding and corporate celebrations.”


Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park


Talking about her new shop in glowing terms, Kate can’t wait for the amazing adventure to continue in an award winning hotel.

“I’m thrilled to be back at Carden Park, a venue that I feel is so accommodating to many special occasions. Some of my favourite people are a part of #teamcarden and I actually met my husband here nearly 8 years ago. I’m just so excited for the next chapter. The shop looks great and I’m really pleased to be onsite working back with an amazing team. Opening this shop and being the in-house florist and venue dresser at my favourite hotel is undoubtedly the most memorable moment in my career”.


Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park


Although she has arranged many wonderful weddings, Kate has an extra special personal wedding forever etched in her mind.

“My favourite would have to be my own. Although finishing ‘work’ at 6am on the morning of my own wedding wasn’t much fun…Thank goodness for make up to hide the dark circles!”


Blooming Beautiful At Carden Park


And what do the upcoming years hold for Carden Park’s new wedding enthusiast?

“The future certainly looks bright! Our priority is the continued amalgamation of Blooming Beautiful with Prestige Events Ltd (James’s company). Creating Blooming Beautiful memories for my clients. Creative Event Solutions, Inspiring Event Productions”.

Inspired by Kate’s story? Why not create your own by starting your Carden journey?  Take a look at the list of vacancies currently in and around the hotel.



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