Carden Park Celebrates World Wellness Weekend

World Wellness Weekend is an annual celebration that promotes the importance of being in tune with your personal well-being. This year, the events will take place from the 20th until the 22nd of September 2024, however, the effects of the weekend can often continue to work their magic long after the initial occasion. 

Taking time for your well-being can improve all aspects of your life including both your mental and physical health. This year the team behind the initiative are declaring ‘September the new January’ as they encourage participants with the notion that positive changes can be made at any time. At Carden Park, we understand the importance of self-care and we would like to suggest some free activities that can prompt holistic harmony for our guests during the weekend:

Exploring the great outdoors for World Wellness Weekend

At Carden Park, we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful Cheshire Countryside. Numerous scientific studies show spending time amongst nature can improve many aspects of your well-being. This can range from naturally calming your mind, regulating your circadian rhythm for improved sleep, stimulating naturally occurring vitamin D to strengthen your immune system and producing serotonin, which is the hormone associated with happiness; to name just a few. We encourage guests to explore the area around the hotel as there are plenty of things to see. We suggest looking out for the following:

  • The abundance of wildlife on the grounds; including our resident family of swans
  • Our on-site 3-acre vineyard 
  • Numerous water features and lakes 
  • The native flowers and trees that our greenkeeping team work hard to nurture
Carden Park Celebrates World Wellness Weekend

A taste of creativity and movement within our Sculpture Garden 

Towards the front of Carden Park Hotel, you will find a collection of artwork from our community of sculptures curated by Winsor Birch. You will find pieces from artists such as Emma Rodgers, George Triggs and Matt Duke dotted across our front lawn. As well as various styles of works within the hotel created by artists such as Lilia Orlova-Homes and Francesca Currie. Movement plays a vital part in the 5 pillars of wellness and a low-impact walk amongst the art could prompt great benefits including boosting energy and the opportunity to practice mindfulness. 

Being surrounded by art can stimulate creativity in your mind. Art exposes you to different perspectives which can help spark inspiration for your own day-to-day life and even improve productivity. It evokes various emotions within individuals, as they use their thinking skills to problem solve and perceive the subject in their unique way. Often this visual stimulant of art can help people to connect to their memories which can assist with the ability to express feelings with more clarity. The artwork and sculpture garden on display at the hotel is nearly always a meaningful reflection of the artist’s own life, the environment we live in or representative of a cultural and historical context. Observing this can help open your mindset to a broader way of thinking beyond your lifestyle and present an opportunity for personal intellectual growth. 

Carden Park Celebrates World Wellness Weekend

Achieving purpose and solidarity with sustainable initiatives across the hotel 

As a hotel, we are on a journey to improve our responsibilities to our planet and environment. As such we are advocates of sustainability and key figures from all departments regularly meet to discuss how we can improve our practices to be more earth-friendly while still delivering the high standard of service our guests deserve. For example, The Spa at Carden team has recently worked closely with one of our main product houses; Germaine De Cappucini to switch a huge number of spa treatment creams to reusable containers, to reduce single-use plastics. As well as swapping their paper spa experience drink vouchers for a more sustainable and reusable bamboo material. We are a team that is passionate about how we treat our environment being directly reflective of our own wellbeing and future. 

We like to encourage guests to join us on our journey and actively seek feedback on what we could do better as a hotel (click here to make a suggestion). Another initiative we have is to pique the interest of all of our guests to switch their mindset to think about the impact they can have as individuals too. As such, we have created an engaging wildlife trail across the estate where they can work together with their children, friends or significant others to solve the route. As part of the trail, there are QR codes provided by the Cheshire Wildlife Charity that guests can use to learn about how to make their own home more attractive to wildlife too. We believe this is a fun way for everyone to be involved as part of the wellness weekend at Carden Park. Please pick up your wildlife trail at the main hotel reception.


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