How can a sculpture improve your outdoor space?

Choosing the right sculpture for your garden can elevate any outdoor space if correctly positioned to complement the landscape it resides in. It will create a point of visual interest that can enhance your chosen exterior aesthetic. Unlike interior two-dimensional art, the textures, and dimensions of the artwork can vary drastically depending on the sculptor who created the piece—resulting in a wide array of available styles to select from. The selection of materials used can also contribute to the variety of options; from bronzes such as Giles Penny – Man with both pieces, powder-coated aluminium like Gareth Griffiths’ Wonder Bowl and even blown glass as shown from the Dandelion Sculpture by Jenny Pickford. All of which are pictured below. 

How can a sculpture improve your outdoor space?


Not only does the addition of a sculpture improve your outdoor space, but it also provides an opportunity to sprinkle your personality into your garden. Art should be selected based on your own personal preferences, style and interest. Whether this makes a bold statement or seamlessly transitions into the rest of your landscaping choices. The art you select is a powerful tool to create authenticity within your personal space beyond contemporary fashions and trends. For example, many people opt for animal-related art subjects for their sculpture choices. This goes beyond the relationship or experience that the individual may have had with the species itself but rather symbolises desired characteristics. Such is the case, with Matt Duke’s Hunter Bronze. The owl sculpture reflects a movement captured in time, thus often evoking a sense of freedom in those who observe it. The connection between nature and art often becomes particularly pivotal to those who reside in urbanised areas. To create a sense of countryside living in their environment. 

Choosing to display a sculpture on the grounds of your home can also act as a unique conversation starter. Firstly noting the admiration for the skills and beauty involved in creating the artwork, which can then lead to expanded deeper conversation. People may wish to discuss the emotion that is invoked by viewing the piece and the differences in connection they feel towards it. Even the subject may be a great topic of conversation for example the playful sculpture by Loki by Teresa Wells might elicit a discussion about other art forms such as gymnastics and strength training. This level of critical thinking can promote great cognitive benefits to an individual. Additionally, there has been extensive research that has shown the calming effects that we can enjoy by being surrounded by and directing the mind towards contemplating beautiful art. 

How can a sculpture improve your outdoor space?


At Carden Park Hotel we have a Sculpture Garden that is just waiting to be explored on a leisurely afternoon. It is open at all times and is free for you to walk around. If you are looking to add a new sculpture to your home our team of curators at Winsor Birch are happy to advise you further. You can contact them directly by using the button below. 

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