How to host a corporate golf day

The Where and When to Host a Corporate Golf Day 

Deciding on a budget is the first step in planning a corporate golf day. Look for flexible packages to suit various allocations without compromising on quality. You will need to consider all elements of the event such as; venue hire, catering, prizes and branding when setting your financial aims. Make sure you work closely with a golf venue events team, who will be able to provide a detailed breakdown of costs and work with you to maximize your budget, ensuring a successful and memorable event without unexpected expenses. You can explore different tee times, seasons, private hire and catering options to see what elements are in your ‘must have’ list and if there are any factors that may be compromised to enhance other aspects of your corporate golf day.

Choosing the right venue and date is critical for the success of your corporate golf day. The venue you select and its facilities will directly represent the quality and organisation of your own company to your guests. Hosting your event at a top-tier venue, if your budget allows, may guarantee a more memorable experience and will remove certain elements of risk to the enjoyment of the day. You should also consider the proximity of your chosen attendees to your golf event. Does the venue have the ability to accommodate people overnight if some will have to travel to the venue? 

When you are selecting a date, take into account the seasonal weather and the availability of your key attendees. Booking in advance ensures you secure the best date and facilities, as well as increasing the chance of your invitees being free to attend. An experienced events team can assist with all aspects of venue selection, offering show rounds and detailed information to help you make an informed decision. 

How to host a corporate golf day


The Who and Why to Host a Corporate Golf Day

A corporate golf day provides a fun environment to bring a group of people with an interest in your business together to network and build relationships. The nature of a round of golf encourages a perfect balance of camaraderie and a healthy level of competitiveness. It’s a great opportunity to strategically select tee times to encourage relevant guests to communicate together. 

Corporate golf days can be beneficial to a company for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to show appreciation and boost morale, to create new business opportunities and brand exposure or to raise money for charity. This is to name just a few examples of the frequently occurring reasons our clients host a golf day at Carden Park Hotel. It’s important to have a relatively clear goal in mind to reap the most reward from the occasion. 

Deciding on who you are inviting on your golf day will be dictated by your objective for the event itself. A variety of stakeholders in the company could be considered from both an internal and external perspective. For example;

  • Potential and current clients to use the occasion as a networking opportunity 
  • Employees to use as both a reward and recognition strategy or as a team-building tool
  • Suppliers and associates to thank them for their contribution to the business 
  • Local community and charitable partners to raise awareness and donations

Depending on who you invite will dictate the amount of notice you may need to give to get good event attendance. Naturally, internal employees may be more readily available for a shorter time frame such as 6 weeks but for external stakeholders, you may not have any insight into their current commitments so 3 months minimum would be advised. However, the earlier you can schedule your corporate golf event in advance generally the easier it will be to streamline and plan. It is important to consider the availability of your desired golf courses too.

Although Carden Park as a venue will do most of the work to coordinate your event on the day such as registrations, briefings, on-course services and any pre-arranged competitions such as closest-to-the-pin challenges. It would be beneficial to have a company representative on hand to ensure transportation to the venue is organised and to provide any specific company information and instructions to your guests for a more personal touch on the proceedings. 


The What and How to Host a Corporate Golf Day 

Choosing the right golf format can be the making of your corporate golf day. Consider various formats to suit different skill levels and objectives of the day. Whether it’s a relaxed Texas Scramble format, perfect for networking and fostering team spirit, or a more competitive individual Stableford, a corporate golf experience can be tailored to meet the dynamic you wish to create. A golf club will provide professional scoring services and venues such as Carden Park can arrange for PGA professionals to offer tips and clinics, enhancing the overall experience for your guests regardless of their golfing skill set.

Catering is also a fundamental aspect of any successful corporate golf day that should not be overlooked. It’s essential to provide tasty food and a variety of drink options to keep your guests satisfied and energized throughout the event. It is often a good idea to begin your day with a breakfast offering such as a hot roll or a light brunch to ensure everyone is motivated for a day on the course. Additionally, on-course catering at the halfway house is a thoughtful touch that keeps participants refreshed without interrupting their game. Providing snacks and drinks at this midpoint can boost morale and maintain energy levels.

For the conclusion of the event, you have the option to decide whether a formal gala dinner, a more informal buffet or BBQ suits the tone of your day. A formal dinner offers an elegant setting for speeches and awards, while an informal buffet or BBQ creates a relaxed atmosphere ideal for socializing and unwinding after the game.

Finally, you may also want to consider branding and signage to reinforce your corporate identity and make a lasting impression. There are normally numerous opportunities for branding across a venue’s golfing facilities. From branded golf balls and tee markers as a take-home reminder of a great day, to custom signage on the course and around the clubhouse. Often the venue’s internal team can help you to create a cohesive and professional look. Effective branding not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your event but also maximizes your brand visibility, leaving a memorable impact on your guests and potentially creating a word-of-mouth effect. A strong brand presence can also unify your guests with a sense of pride in the special day they are lucky to be invited to. This can only work in your favour to enhance relationships with the stakeholders involved.

How to host a corporate golf day


Why Choose a Carden Park for your Corporate Golf Day?

Carden Park can provide two Championship Golf Courses on-site, one of which is designed by the ‘Golden Bear’ himself; Jack Nicklaus. With a whole range of luxury facilities across the resort including a range of private dining and breakout spaces, as well as 197 bedrooms and a luxury garden spa, we can comfortably accommodate various group sizes.  

At Carden Park, our dedicated expert golf team is on hand to advise on the best format for your group, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience. Our on-site catering team can create bespoke menus for your event, from mid-morning refreshments to a lavish post-game dinner. Offering a variety of options ensures that all dietary preferences and restrictions are accommodated, making your event inclusive and enjoyable for all attendees.

The organising of a corporate golf day can be complex, but with the right planning, it will run smoothly and be an enjoyable day for all those involved. At Carden Park, we take the hassle out of logistics by providing comprehensive event management services, we will handle all of the details. Our team ensures that everything runs like clockwork, allowing you to focus on enjoying the day and networking with your guests.

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