Investing in our Leisure Members

We are excited to announce that our Leisure Club will receive an investment in equipment, with the new gym kit due to arrive in early April. It is important that we continually adapt our offering to meet the diverse needs of our membership base so that everyone is well-equipped to reach their personal fitness goals.

The new gym-equipment aims to enhance our Leisure Membership experience. Introducing more multifunctional training machines. This is without making any compromise to space, as we plan to extend the matted areas to free up room between the current apparatus.

Introducing the new gym equipment…

Scott Bench

Aimed to enhance your pull and resistance workouts, this bench offers a sleek design that will isolate the biceps more and create a safe environment for improved form with less swing — naturally increasing controlled performance. This durable kit offers comfort when working through any variation of preacher curls. The bench is compatible with current gym equipment such as the EZ curl bar and dumbbells.

Investing in our Leisure Members

Pure Strength Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is a popular movement to target the glutes and a highly requested piece of machinery from our members. Our new hip thrust machine will reduce the need for complex set-ups making it both safer for our guests to complete as well as freeing up alternative spaces and equipment that could be used for other exercises. This is a compact machine that certainly will have a big impact on your routine.

Investing in our Leisure Members

Dual Adjustable Pulley Perfor

This is the second pulley to be introduced to the Carden Park Leisure Club. Its predecessor is one of our most popular machines with members. This addition will reduce any waiting time associated with using the kit, so the focus can be firmly redirected towards your goals. If you haven’t had a chance to use our other pulley machine, be assured both are very user-friendly in design, enabling you to maximise your strength training.

Investing in our Leisure Members

Skillrun 5000 Live 19

The Skillrun is set to replace our current Skillmill machine. We are aware that this was a very popular part of the gym, especially for physiotherapy and recovery purposes. Which is exactly why we are excited to have invested in this new enhanced offering. The Skillrun will achieve exactly what the Skillmill gave to you, just with added functionality. Aside from its self-motorised function, it offers several improved settings. This particular machine creates a realistic way to run against resistance. Popular for those who wish to recreate parachute pulling or a sled push. It is the next generation of treadmills, allowing you to take your performance to the next level.

Investing in our Leisure Members

Skillup 7 

The Skillup 7 is an excellent addition to the gym, designed to work the whole upper body. A movement that is often seen in CrossFit and HYROX workouts. It uses unique motor technology to create dual resistance. It is brilliantly propositioned for our members who prioritise multi-functional training. Enabling you to create streamlined ski-like movements strengthening golf and tennis swings. This piece of equipment is best compared to our current grappler machine, however you stand up rather than remain seated. Therefore you can target slightly different muscle groups. It is a great alternative to cardio and strength training alike.

Investing in our Leisure Members


All of the equipment listed above is compatible with the TechnoGym App, making it easier than ever to track your progress. It also presents you with an increased diversity of gym machinery, to allow you to create a dynamic workout plan. Our Leisure Club team are always available to provide you with guidance on both the new and current equipment, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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