The most popular team building activities in 2024

1. Mexican Railway 

Grab your sombreros and prepare to work together to reach a shared goal. The aim of this activity is for your team to transport a ball from one side of the room to the other. Sounds simple right? This may not be as easy as you first think! Our team will provide you with the equipment you need to construct a railway; rods, ties, etc. Once the circuit is built your team will need to embrace the Mexican wave motion to transport the ball to the finish line. 

This activity will highlight the strategic planners, the doers and the creative thinkers in your workforce. All of them will need to synchronise their communication skills as the key to completing the circuit. This can be used as a great conference icebreaker. It can prove popular due to how customisable the activity is concerning time frames (as little as 45 minutes) and group sizes. By the end, the fun-time will be sure to prompt an ‘Arriba!’ from even the most reserved individuals on your team.

2. Game Shows 

A Carden twist on your favourite classic game shows is a sure way to please everyone in the room. You can expect upbeat music, bright lights, interactive videos and a fun-filled few hours. With very little physical demand, this is an activity everyone will be happy to be involved in, whether through audience participation or volunteering on the stage. Some examples of the games at your disposal:

  • The price is right 
  • Beat the intro 
  • The cube 
  • Famous faces
  • Cup stack 
  • Group karaoke 
  • Family fortunes 

A lot of our groups use this as an energy-booster between courses throughout a group-based evening meal. Our team can provide fun prizes for the winner of each round. 

3. Vertigo at Carden 

Take to the skies and tackle your biggest fears. Enjoy a combination of outdoor adventures such as;

  • Two-tier Ariel Trek frame 
  • 220m dual zipline
  • Giant stunt pillow

This activity surprisingly works for larger groups as well as small ones. The unique shape of our high wire course is hexagonal which means it’s a great enclosed area where everyone can still feel involved in the activities together. Rather than just participating in one long line. Depending on the size of the group we can run activities simultaneously. 

We often joke that this is an activity where teammates can both tease and support each other while you’re braving a variety of high challenges together. 

The most popular team building activities in 2024

4. Fort Boyard 

Try your hand at a variety of brain-teasing puzzles. This is probably one of our most ‘traditional’ take on team-building events. Your team will be required to go head to head to solve several ‘Crystal Maze’ style challenges. Work closely with our events team to find the perfect combination of games to suit your group. Examples includes; Giant Mastermind, Giant Skiis, Hamster Wheels and much more. 

This is a perfect way to customise your team building activity to appeal to all personality types. You can select a combination of physical and mentally focused challenges. Each task will roughly last around 15 minutes and will be a race against the clock. 

5. Mud, Sweat and Gears

Your team will enjoy a selection of rubber-burning, teeth-gritting and adrenaline-fueled activities. Our most popular trio of activities involve a Segway Safari, 4×4 offroading in our woodland as well as our crazy power turn buggies. For larger groups, we can offer a unique hovercraft experience too. Negotiate our purpose-built tracks at your own pace. For the competitive individuals amongst us, we can set time and obstacle challenges to create an exhilarating dynamic for your team-building activity. 

This is a particularly popular activity for smaller teams, prompting belly laughter from all those lucky enough to take part. Even though you will be predominantly outdoors, a little bit of rain can sometimes work to enhance the experience rather than hinder any fun. 

The most popular team building activities in 2024

6. Indoor Olympics 

A great light-hearted activity that combines the perfect balance of competitiveness with teamwork. Each group will be given a colour reflective of the Olympic Rings. They will then have to compete to win at several indoor ‘sporting’ challenges. Examples;

  • Basketball
  • Scalextric racing
  • Table football
  • Air hockey
  • Batak + more! 

The variety of games will be dictated by your group’s size, this is a more the merrier style activity. We tend to find this is a great addition after an evening meal, to pick the energy up and get your whole village interacting. Our events team always go big with the theatrics so it would be difficult to not feel fully immersed in this team-building experience.

7. Chain Reaction 

For those of you who have seen the classic Honda-Cog advert, you will understand exactly where we are heading with this activity. In true MouseTrap board game style, your team will work together to build an innovative ‘contraption’ to get from A to B by harnessing energy sources. Our team will provide you with all of the bells and whistles such as alarms, radio-controlled cars, buckets, balloons and much more. With some objects in the ‘must use’ category and others an optional extra to showcase your creative flare. 

This can be completed as both an indoor and outdoor activity. If completed outside, you will race to fire a rocket 1,000 metres into the sky. For indoor chain reaction activities, a more ceiling-friendly confetti canon can be used for the winning celebration. This activity gives your team a chance to express themselves in a collaborative way rather than hyper-competitively. Everyone will be challenged to think out of the box to succeed.

The most popular team building activities in 2024

8. Putter Fingers

One of the newest additions to our team building offers. Putter Fingers involves your team creating their very own crazy golf course and then putting their masterpieces to the test. This activity can be completed outdoors or indoors usually dictated by the British weather. There will be prizes for the best-designed hole as well as the winning golfer. Due to the nature of this team-building game, it provides an even playing field for all ages and abilities. It can also be seasonally themed; which is great for an alternative Christmas Party. 

All materials will be provided by our team and they will be on hand to help you get started with design themes. If you would like a charitable twist, we can bulk-buy carefully selected, basic grocery products for props as part of this activity. Following the event, all of this can then be donated to local food banks to support those who need it most.


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